Unique Wichita Tours

Unique Wichita ToursThere's no denying that every city has its own unique history. But to get really up close to those stories and the people that made them happen, it's always fun to take specialized tours that give you a more in-depth look at what tensions were weathered and what obstacles were overcome to make the city what it is today. Here are some great tours that tell fascinating facets of Wichita's evolution.

Wichita's Water Center
A tour of Wichita's Water Center offers an opportunity to see everything that happens before the wet stuff comes out of your faucet. See a hands-on, interactive environmental center that focuses on keeping our water and our world safe and free of pollution. In addition to obvious environmental benefits, see how the Water Center uses its resources to help preserve the wildlife and natural beauty of the Wichita area.

Address: 101 E. Pawnee, Wichita, KS 67211 - MAP
Phone: (316) 350-3390
Web: www.wichita.gov

Let River City Trolley & Charters
Let River City Trolley & Charters take you on a dramatic tour of Wichita that will bring to life the days of Carrie Nation, Wyatt Earp and some of the early aviation pioneers. This 90 minute trek winds along the Arkansas River and through the Delano area into downtown. From there, the tour takes you through some of Wichita's most elegant and historically rich neighborhoods. Enjoy it all from the comfort of an air-conditioned trolley that is commandeered by knowledgeable and professional tour guides that will be happy to answer your questions about Wichita's past.

Address: 8154 W 16th Ct N, Wichita, KS 67212 - MAP
Phone: (316) 773-1931
Web: Website

Coleman Factory Outlet and Museum
Ever wonder how so many camping trips are made that much more enjoyable? The folks at Coleman know a thing or two about the great outdoors as they are one of the leading manufacturers of camping equipment. Discover their story and tour their factory at the Coleman Factory Outlet and Museum. Also, check out the vintage collection of camping equipment as you tour the facility.

Address: 235 N. St. Francis, Wichita, KS - MAP
Phone: : (316) 264-0836
Web: www.kansastravel.org

Hatman Jack
Hang on to your hat for an experience you will never forget! Meet Hatman Jack, a local figure known to Wichita residents and customers from all over the world as the hat expert. He can help you select a hat that is the most perfectly suited to your face, and perhaps personality, as he guides you through his extensive selection of hats. He can also expertly shape it so that it brings out your features most effectively. His shop welcomes visitors for informal tours.

Address: 601 West Douglas, Wichita, KS 67213 - MAP
Phone: (316) 264-4881
Web: hatmanjacks.com

Cero's Candies
Cero's Candies knows that everyone has a sweet tooth, and that craving for something sweet can easily be satisfied at their shop. Watch an amazing selection of chocolate candies being made right before your eyes as you tour their on-site factory that has been a Wichita tradition for nearly 100 years.

Address: 3429 E Douglas Ave, Wichita, KS 67218 - MAP
Phone: (316) 264-5002
Web: www.ceroscandy.com